If you would like to update your Live MetaTrader account password on your Android device to one that is more to your liking, you are able to do so by following the steps below.

         Step-by-Step Guide

  1. On the MetaTrader application on your device, tap on the menu drawer to reveal further options.

  2. Once the menu pane is revealed, tap on Manage Accounts.

  3. You are now on the Accounts page. Tap on the 3 stacked boxes to show the account properties. Select Change Password.

  4. Select Change Master Password. Type in your current Master Password in the box below. This should be followed by your new preferred password and confirmed once again in the box underneath. Lastly, tap on Next.

  5. Your Live MetaTrader password has been successfully updated. A window with a confirmation message will appear to confirm this change.