The following procedure will guide you on understanding your Trade History Report. Before doing so, you would need to extract the report from your Aiko Markets account.

Click here to see how to obtain your Trade History Report.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Once you have extracted your Trade History Report, you should see your trading history displayed as below:

  • Ticket – Trade ID.
  • Symbol – Pair or Instrument traded.
  • S/L – Stop Loss.
  • Opened At – Date and Time of trade.
  • Closed At – Date and Time of closure of trade.
  • Swaps – Value of Swap Fee, if applicable.
  • Profit/Balance – Profit and Losses of trade.
  • Order Type - Balance – Added funds
  • Order Type – Buy/Sell – Executed trades
  • Order Type – Buy/Sell Stop/Limit – Pending orders.
  • Volume – Lot sizes purchased for the trade.
  • T/P – Take Profit.
  • Opened Price – Price of execution.
  • Close Price – Price at closure of trade.
  • Commission – Commission charged.
  • Comment – Comments/notes by MT4, EA or yourself.