If you ever forget your password or just would like to reset your password, you would need to follow the below procedure.

Please ensure that you always keep your password in a safe place and only you know your Login credentials.

When creating your password, please ensure that you are not creating an easy password like abcdefgh,12345678, qwertyui or using any of your personal information like your birthday, your name, children's names etc.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click here to go to the Login page.                         
  2. Tap on Forgot your password? Reset Password.

  3. Enter the email address you used to register your account.
  4. Tap Reset Password.

  5. Once you tap reset password, an email will be sent to the email address registered on your Aiko Markets account.

  6. Enter a new password and tap on the Reset Password button.

That's it! Next time you may log in with your new password.