The following procedure will show you how to Download and Login to MetaTrader when using an Android mobile device.

Your MetaTrader Account Login Credentials will be on the email we sent you when you created your account.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Tap here to download the Android mobile version of MetaTrader or scroll down on our Homepage and tap on Android. 

  2. When MetaTrader has loaded, look on the top left-hand side, you will see Quotes and you will need to click the 3 horizontal lines.

  3.  Then click on Manage Accounts or Get Started.

  4. You will need to then click on the plus sign (+) which is on the top right-hand side of your screen.

  5. Then click on Login to an Existing Account.

  6. Enter Aiko into the search box and click on the server you would like to log in to.
    • AikoInternational-Live  - (Live MetaTrader account server).
    • AikoInternational-Demo - (Demo MetaTrader account server).

  7. Enter your MetaTrader Account Login Credentials. 

  8.  Tap Sign In.


    If you have not created a MetaTrader account yet:

    To be able to create a MetaTrader account, you would need to set up Two-Factor Authentication, have successfully deposited funds into your account, and done an Internal Transfer.

    Click here to see what Two-Factor Authentication is and how to set it up

    Click here to see how to deposit funds into your account.

    Click here to see how to do an Internal Transfer.